• An BEP20 reflection token that fosters and promotes healthy and widespread usage and decentralization of the project through an daily reward linked to usersโ€™ transactions involving decentralized wallets. The more holders use, trade and execute transactions with Floki CEO AI, the higher the rewards! Everyone gets paid daily, a true passive income.

  • Floki CEO AI SWAP : Decentralized exchange that features custom functionality and allows holders to trade among themselves and without any centralized point of failure any BEP20 token for another.

  • Floki CEO AI GALLERY : NFT Marketplace where users can stake Floki CEO AI in exchange for NFT rewards created by artists from community contests. The artists are awarded prizes out of the Floki CEO AI staking pool.

  • Floki CEO AI BANK : Reward tracker where users can track their rewards and rewards out of Floki CEO AI reflection and usage, current token valuations, wallet balance, and more.

  • Floki CEO AI Launchpad : Floki CEO AI Launchpad will be the finest launchpad for low cap projects like us. Only the vetted project through us can use our launchpad. Floki CEO AI team will not only provide them the launchpad, but also work extensively in marketing their project among investors community and building partnerships.

  • Floki CEO AI Yield Farms : Why just HODL when you can stake and earn even more? Floki CEO AI upgraded the idea of HODL and added Yield Farms systems where you can stake and earn more than ever.

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